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Hunan Old Carpenter Houseware Co.,Ltd

Submitted by Laomu on Mon, 10/02/2023 - 21:50

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Our Hunan Old Carpenter is located in Liu Yang City, Hunan Province, China. This is a beautiful village surrounded by mountains.The unique natural geographical environment brings us high-quality bamboo and wood materials,We have many years experience in the production and export of eco-friendly kitchen,Home ware crafts. Paying special attention to the details of consumers' lives to meet consumers' habits .Bamboo and wood items is delicate and beautiful in structure. According to the natural texture of wood, a beautiful graphic structure is prepared. The shape of the product is peculiar and exquisite. It is both practical and artistic decoration at home. It is exquisite and has collection value. Sweep away the monotony of ordinary wood items in the traditional sense.Wooden products also reflect the comfort and care.Compared with cold glass, ceramic utensils and monotonous plastic products, the stable and elegant bamboo and wood products are particularly friendly, and they feel more intimate with nature when used. Very happy and relaxed.Bamboo and wood product also has very prominent advantages: heat preservation, anti-scalding, and durability.
No.184 Tian Ma Road Liuyang Changsha City Hunan Province China 410300

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