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Shree Parshavnath Creations - Fashion Art india

Supplier types:Manufacturer
Supplier Address:99, Swadeshi Market, Sadar Bazar Delhi 110 006, India
Telephone number:(+) +91 (11) 2361-7808, 2361-8016
Mobile number:(+)+91.98116-24868
Supplier description:Shree Parshavnath Creations - Fashion Art are one of the oldest and well - established manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of Bangles, Necklaces, Bracelets. The company offers a tempting range of Handmade Jewelries and Bangles in Metal, Glass, Glitter and Beads. The oldest heritage of the world, Indian culture brings with it colorful and appealing fashions which have become exclusively famous worldwide.
The company has a passion for quality and creativity and has carved a niche for itself across the globe. The company has earned a remarkable reputation as a manufacturer and exporter of premium quality Fashion Accessories . Bangles,Bracelets and Necklaces are available in exuberant range of colors and latest patterns and designs.
Every set of Bangles ,Bracelets and Necklace are elegantly crafted with utmost details. The company comprises of a team of designers who continuously create new innovative mix and match of colors and designs. The company also furnishes custom made orders for specific sizes and colors. All the finished trendy articles depict unique craftsmanship. The company has special techniques in order to take orders which requires absolute match of Bangle Colors with specified fabrics. Finest quality of polish and raw materials are used in order to produce best quality at competitive prices.
The high end quality and constant endeavor to stay aligned with the changing trends in the fashion era has enabled Shree Parshavnath Creations to grow by leaps and bounds.Buyers, Please let us know,you get the info from ,you can get a Special Discounts.