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What are the benefits of private company registration? How do I register for a private limited company?

A privately held firm or small business is called a private limited company. A private limited company's members are only accountable for the quantity of shares they actually possess. Private limited company shares cannot be exchanged publicly. The article covers every facet of a private limited company.

Enticing Power Of Private Limited Company:

A private limited company is the most popular business structure for entities looking to operate profitability and take advantage of incorporated entity benefits, mainly limited liability. Private limited firm additionally provide limited responsibility and minimal legislative companies, in addition to th the benefits listed below:

Distinct Legal Entity:
An entity is something that has a separate existence and an actual existence. A business is a juristic person and a legal entity created under the act. A person who is not a natural person or a human being is known as a juristic person. As a result , a corporate form of organisation has extensive legal authority and is able to both own property and incur debt. The members of the company are not responsible to the company’s creditors for such debt.

Uninterrupted Existence:
A firm has “perpetual succession,” which is continuous existence up until its formal dissolution. Due to its status as a separate legal entity, a corporation is unaffected by the death or other termination of any member and can continue to operate as usual notwithstanding membership changes. One of a company’s most crucial traits is perpetual succession.

Limited Liability:
The legal status of having a restricted amount of legal responsibility for a company’s debt is known as limited liability. In a limited liability company, the member’s liability for the obligation of the firm is restricted, in contrast to proprietorships and partnerships. In other words, the responsibility of a company’s members is only as great as the face value of the shares they have purchased. When a corporation is limited by shares, the member’s liability upon a winding-up is restricted to the amount still owed on their shares.

Free & Easy Transferability Of Shares:
A shareholder may transfer their shares of a corporation limited by shares to anyone else. Compared to the transfer of ownership in a company operated as a proprietary concern or partnership, the transfer is simple. It is simple to transfer shares by completing a share transfer form, signing it and giving the share certificate to the buyer.
Owning Property:
A company can acquire, hold, enjoy and alienate property in its own name because it is a legal person. As long as the company is still operating, no shareholder may assert any rights to its assets. The corporation's assets are not the shareholders' property.

Capacity To Sued And Be Sued:
To sue is to take legal action against someone or to file a lawsuit in a court of law. A firm, being an autonomous legal body, can sue and be sued in its own name, just as one individual may bring a legal action in his or her own name against another in that person’s name.

Dual Relationships:
A corporation may enter into a binding contract with any one of its members under the company form of organization. It’s also possible for someone to work for a firm while also controlling it. As a result , a person may occupy the positions of shareholders, creator, director, and employee at the same time.

Borrowing Capacity:
A business has better options for borrowing money. It is able to accept public deposits, issue secured and unsecured debentures, and more. Even banks and other financial institutions favor giving substantial financial support to business rather than to partnership companies or proprietary enterprises.

How Do I Register For A Private Limited Company?

Searching for a private limited company registration form for your business? It is challenging to register your business as a private limited company because the process is convoluted and requires several compliances. You can take use of our professional service rather than reading through the complete registration process.

Obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
Obtain DIN
Name Availability
Form SPICe+ INC-32
e-MOA and e-AOA
PAN and TAN Application