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Zhejang Xinfeng Special Paper Co.,LTD

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Zhejang Xinfeng Special Paper Co.,LTD, established in 2003, is a well-known Manufacturer, Exporter of Fruit Protective Bags Paper and Fruit Protection Bags. The factory occupies an area of 11.5 acres and employs 206 persons. There are a total of 8 paper machines and 6 units of fruit protection bag making machines. The annual production is about 50,000 metric tons.
Fruit bagging is the practice of putting bags over fruit to protect them from pests, elements and disease. The practice is associated with organic farming as an alternative to pesticides. Bags do affect the taste of fruit and may make them sweeter in some instances. Farmers typically experiment with different techniques to find approaches that match their environment and fruit. Bags can often be reused.