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5 Ways to Fortify your Hair this Summer

We also cannot deny the fact that we love our a little much more. If you’ve started running your hands through your hair or were already running your hands only cements our opinion. All of us have different types of hair some have silky, straight and smooth while others have curly, wavy and thick. The temperature and pollution have been testing out our hair.

Hair fall in men and women is often triggered via stress and it causes diseases like Telogen effluvium in which hair follicles come to a standby, no actual growth takes place and the wear and tear erodes the hairline without replenishments. This happens due to stress, poor diet and a history of prolonged illness.

Another disease called Trichotillomania is a psychological stress disorder where due to heavy stress people start pulling hair aggressively to the part they start ripping from the follicle. This disease needs immediate treatment as it can cause grievous injury. Forest Shampoo is a hypoallergenic, plant-derived shampoo that tackles hair problems head-on. Our blend of rosemary, thyme and other essential oils provides thermal protection against heat damage as you wash and allows your hair to look smooth and silky while adding shine.