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Dhuli Urad Dal - Taste The Best

There was always some dal lingering in the kitchen; we couldn't avoid it! My mum prepared dal practically every day, with white rice and a vegetable to accompany it.

So, dal is a comfort dish for me just; it isn't for my siblings. I don't get to eat it as frequently as I used to since my family dislikes dal and I recently developed a small sensitivity to Dhuli Urad dal. But when we have to eat out for several meals at a time due to travel or even just a hectic week, I adore resetting with a plate of rice and dhal with such a sprinkle of ghee on top!

Dals that have been soaked have a higher rate of mineral absorption. An enzyme known as phytase is activated when the dal is soaked for a period. Phytase assists in the binding of calcium, iron, and zinc as well as the degradation of phytic acid. The process of absorption is substantially streamlined by this.