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How should the car be maintained at ordinary times

Car maintenance is a topic, but it is not a new topic. Every driver has his own way of maintenance.

Some drive directly to the 4S shop, some drive to the auto parts city you are familiar with, and some just take care of yourself

Let's talk about how we should maintain our daily life:

1. Daily engine maintenance

Engine maintenance is mainly oil. So how often do you change it under normal circumstances?

If your usual oil is mineral oil, it is usually changed every six months or when driving 5000 kilometers.

If you are a semi-synthetic motor oil, change it once in July-August or around 7500 kilometers.

If you are a fully synthetic engine oil, change it once a year or about 10,000 kilometers.

But this is just a reference, you can also change it in advance according to the sound of the engine or other conditions.

For example, you can use the oil gauge to determine whether it is time to change the oil.

Second, the maintenance of car tires

Tire inspection is very important to the safety of the vehicle. Check the tire pressure for wear and tear, and whether the tire bolts are loose. If you feel the steering wheel shakes when driving, or if you are driving to one side, you can go to the maintenance station to balance the four-wheel drive and position the wheels. an examination. Then check whether there are nails or gravels in the tire before driving. If there is, it must be cleaned up in time, otherwise there will be a puncture repair.

3. Check whether the antifreeze fluid is not enough and whether it has deteriorated

The general vehicle should be considered to replace the antifreeze after driving for about 2 years, or about 40,000 kilometers.

You can also replace it according to the time you observe the antifreeze.

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