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Ultra Moist Lip Restorative Creme

Do we really care for lips just as we do for our skin? No doubt, people overlook lip care and go on with their skin and hair care routine. Lip is the mirror of your smile, thus, it needs special care that ultimately enhances your overall appearance. BIOAYURVEDA Ultra Moist Lip Restorative Crème has been designed with an amazing blend of organic antioxidant herbs and essential natural oils. This natural lip cream formula flawlessly moisturizes and provides optimum benefits to heal cracked and chapped lips. Before you give your lips a vibrant or bright shade, you must nourish them with this lip care cream.

Why do lips need special care?
-It is the most sensitive skin of our body, thus, requires special care.
-It has no oil glands hence they get dry and chapped easily.

Benefits of Moisturizing lip products:
-Gives youthful and plumpy pouts
-Deeply hydrates and moisturizes skin
-Heals cracked and chapped skin
-Protects from environmental stressors