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Buy Used Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment | Great Deals!

At Wisconsin Scrub & Sweep, we offer a large range of used industrial floor scrubbers for sale. We offer the appropriate equipment, whether you need an upright scrubber, a wet scrubber, or a wide-belt scrubber. We are the leading supplier of second-hand industrial floor sweepers and other cleaning supplies for the industry. We offer a wide range of equipment, including wheeled, ride-on, and walk-behind sweepers. 

If you don't have the right cleaning tools, maintaining and cleaning industrial floors can be a horrifying process. Industries require intense cleaning to maintain a clean working environment because they are exposed to heavy traffic and chemicals throughout the day. We have a broad variety of floor cleaning tools with better aesthetics and functionality. Many cleaning tools created expressly for use in certain sectors are also readily accessible to us. 

We have Used Industrial Floor Scrubbers For Sale, rental, and refurbishment at Additionally, we provide a range of fresh scrubbers and quality checks. Such floor scrubbers can be adjusted to work on a range of other floor surfaces, including soft floor coverings, passengers, carpets with small piles, escalators, carpet tiles, and entrance matting surfaces, commercial floor-sweeping.

We also provide Used Riding Floor Scrubber of the finest quality and used floor scrubbers with a variety of types and brands like Factory Cat, Kodiak, Clarke, Viper, IPC Eagle, and more with unique features. Such larger machines have floor-scrubbing capabilities that are built to carry the operator. They fall under the category of ride-on, and the operator sits in a basic, comfortable seat with operating controls and steering. The traction on wet terrain is not a problem for the scrubber dryers, but these ride-on have the added weight of the driver and the machine.  They perform better in wet environments. Since the operator is generally positioned at the front, ride-on riding floor scrubber dryers typically include rear-wheel steering to add additional stability.

Any business that emphasizes customer service must be spotless. We have a lot of cleaning supplies and technology, including vacuum cleaners, the best industrial floor cleaning equipment, and machinery from excellent brands in the industry. It is wise to choose industrial floor cleaning equipment that offers the highest level of productivity and the greatest cleaning results. We have prospective suppliers for your cleaning needs. The machines that best fit your cleaning needs can be shown on-site by us. The operators are properly trained and knowledgeable about preventive maintenance.