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Climaveneta's Air Source Heat Pumps: For Sustainable Comfort

Climaveneta, a brand of Mitsubishi, is the leading innovator of heat pumps and chillers in India. We are now a master at leveraging renewable energy in such a way that our heat pumps deliver unparalleled comfort, at the same time, they are best at reducing the carbon footprint. At its heart, our air source heat pumps are meticulously designed to deliver a wide range of installations but Climaveneta India mainly deals with 2 types of functions in heat pumps. Reversible heating and cooling, and only heating. These heat pumps usually have 3 compressor technologies and 4 refrigerant versions. They also have extended operating capacities. We also designed our heat pumps to be ready-to-use solutions. This makes our heat pumps the ideal solution for newly constructed buildings and as an upgrade in already constructed ones.
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