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How to Enable Glance in Samsung: A tour of a whole new world

Submitted by Shubham98 on Tue, 06/18/2024 - 02:19

Our smartphones are getting smarter with new and fascinating features. Getting fast information in this fast paced world is essential. With the advent of advanced features Samsung’s “Glance” feature is one such feature that can enhance your smartphone experience making it more seamless and satisfying. Let’s understand Glance and how to enable Glance in Samsung to get the best lock screen. In this tech-savvy era, knowing how to enable Glance in Samsung can truly revolutionize your smartphone experience.

Glance feature: The best lock screen for Samsung
We want everything to be the best. Hence, it is essential to know how to enable Glance in Samsung to get the best lock screen experience. Instead of a monotonous lock screen, Glance offers curated content such as news updates, live videos, shop cards, sports live score and even games without even unlocking our phones! The Glance feature in Samsung magically turns your lock screen into a dynamic hub of information and entertainment.

Why is the Glance feature labeled as “The best Lock Screen”?
All it takes is learning how to enable Glance in Samsung and successfully enable it. Let’s take a tour of this dynamic hub.

The latest is the best : News Updates
If you like to stay updated always, then Glance got you! It will keep you updated with the latest news and weather updates and ensure that you’re always in the loop. Just like the name suggests, Glance requires just one glance to get instant information. Sounds exciting right? Then stay hooked to get the steps for how to enable Glance in Samsung and get latest updates with Glance feature

Want it? Shop for it.
Traveling back home in the bus and you want to get away from the buzz? Learn how to enable glance in Samsung, just wake your best lock screen and let Glance feature keep you peaceful and engaged.

No matter how old we get, games are always fascinating. The Glance feature offers you new and exciting games on your best lock screen to get away from the stress and make your break a fruitful one. By understanding how to enable glance on Samsung, you can play games without having to download them. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

Productivity & Creativity
Challenges are fun, aren’t they? You can take up challenging quizzes and participate in mind-blowing contests with the help of Glance feature on your now best lock screen. If you agree, then hold your excitement till we reach to the steps for how to enable Glance in Samsung

Glance gives you timely updates and sports scores on your lock screen. Just one tap and in one glance, you are up-to-date with your favorite Sports match’s score cardsNo fear of missing out when glance is here!

Hand-pick your favorite
By knowing how to enable Glance in Samsung, you get the opportunity to pick your favorite categories and add them to your best lock screen.

Let’s move onto the process that will make us understand how to enable Glance in Samsung.

How to enable Glance in Samsung and design your world with Glance feature:
The Glance feature gives you an opportunity to have your own world and to reign it the way you desire. Here are some creative tips to personalize your Glance experience before we learn how to enable glance in Samsung.

Process : How to enable Glance in Samsung
A small process of getting insights on how to enable Glance in Samsung, you will make a big difference in your Samsung user experience. Step-by-step let’s learn how to enable Glance in your Samsung device to be able to get the best lock screen.

A detailed guide: How to enable Glance in Samsung in a blink of an eye
Following are the steps that will show you How to enable Glance in Samsung

How to enable Glance in Samsung: Open settings App
Unlock your Samsung device and navigate the Settings app. This app is usually available in your app drawer or by swiping down the screen. Tap onto the gear icon to open Settings.

How to enable Glance in Samsung:Access Lock screen settings
On scrolling down, you will find an option called ‘Lock Screen”. On choosing this option you will be directed to customization of the Lock screen.

How to enable Glance in Samsung: Go to Wallpaper Settings
The menu consists of various customization options. Click on the Wallpaper settings there is an option labeled as Glance for Samsung. Toggle it to enable Glance on your Samsung device.

How to enable Glance in Samsung: Special Touch
After successfully enabling Glance feature, you can also personalize your best lock screen by clicking on the 3 dot buttons on the top right of the screen. Select settings and go to the lock screen magazine categories. Glance feature gives you a wide range of options like Daily digest, entertainment, music, sports, news, business, celebrity are offered. Choose the categories that interest you the most and motivate you to take glances at your lock screen.

With just a single glance at your lock screen, this magical feature Glance offers a multitude of information and functionalities.

Troubleshooting your concerns
Now that we’ve successfully learned how to enable Glance in Samsung, let’s address your concerns.

Battery concern solved:

Glance is optimized to consume minimal battery power. The content is updated efficiently without draining your battery.

Storage & Data:

Glance feature uses data efficiently to update content. You can adjust settings to limit

data use, like downloading updates only on Wi-Fi.

Privacy Concern

Glance feature does not access your personal information and follows strict data protection rules to keep your information.


From how to enable Glance in Samsung to enabling Glance in Samsung, we have unlocked the door to a new world. For the best experience, Glance feature offers you the best lock screen. To stay updated with the latest and explore and alter the content based on our preferences, follow the exact steps for how to enable Glance in Samsung. This feature changes your Samsung adventure. By following the process for enabling Glance feature in Samsung, unlock the best lock screen without unlocking your device. Glance feature unlocks the door to a world of information, entertainment, and visual delight without even unlocking the screen. Successfully learning the steps for how to enable Glance in Samsung, enable it to get your best lock screen and embrace the blend of convenience, customization and compelling content. Best Samsung lock screen experience is just a Glance away.