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Marriage Separation Process In Australia

Submitted by Jamesnoble on Mon, 03/08/2021 - 01:57

If the marriage separation process does occur. What should you do?

A marriage separation process has three elements;

Either party or both intend to end the relationship;
Either party indicates that intention to the other party and;
One of the parties or both parties act upon that intention to end the relationship and lead separate lives
There are important things that you should consider if the marriage separation is inevitable.

If there are difficulties in your relationship look for a solution. It may be better to seek a resolution and seek advice to prevent a marriage separation occurring or to minimise the impact of a separation financially and emotionally if separation is inevitable.

Seek advice. There are experienced family psychologists who can assist you with the *** emotions you are experiencing. Become aware of your own and your partner’s intentions and emotions.

Seek advice from a counsellor to deal with your needs and your partner’s needs and the emotional hotspots you both may be experiencing.


Endeavour to arrange joint counselling with your partner. If a counsellor cannot resolve your difficulties, counsellors may assist you to deal with your own **** or to assist you both with a respectful separation. Seek professional financial advice to structure your financial resources to minimise the impact of the marriage separation.


Prior to taking the final step to separate from your relationship make sure that you obtain legal advice from a good Separation lawyer on the financial and emotional issues affecting both yourself, your partner and the children.

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