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To share with players the achievements

Recently, foreign game developer Psyonix has released relevant data of its game "Rocket Alliance", mainly to share with players the achievements that were made in the two years of sale. Among them, we learned that Rocket League PS4 players are the most active, and Steam platform players are even less than the Xbox One platform. From this data graph Rocket League Items, you can see that in the three platforms, PS4 players accounted for 41%, Xbox One accounted for 32%, and Steam players accounted for only 27%.

Artwork in Supercars

The world's first real racing car racing online game "Racing Alliance", the game is gathered in the luxury car, can be called today's online game industry kingdom Rocket League Keys. Today, what I will introduce to you is the classic racing car model and brand that are well-designed and exquisite in craftsmanship and can be called “artwork”.

Pagani Huayra: Artwork in Supercars

The Best Puzzle Game

"Rocket League" - The Best Sports Game

"Rocket Union" is a fast-paced action sports game that offers exciting physics, crazy aerial stunts and exciting multiplayer matches Rocket League Keys. It is the orthodox sequel to "Supersonic Stunt Rocket."

"Rocket Union" is priced at $ 20, it is a good and inexpensive game, and it is also a cross-platform game that supports PS4 and PC. In the future, Rocket League will also have an Xbox One version.

The Witness - Best Puzzle Game

The game's gameplay was very attractive

The "Rocket Union" that plays with cars has absurd and interesting game design concepts. The experience based on teamwork and various game modes is wonderful. A game that is so popular with new players and friendly to beginners Rocket League Crates is very rare. However, it is not only easy to use, but also has a sky-high ceiling. As long as you have strength you can become a god.

The Stanley Cup is the most historic championship trophy

NHL is North America's four major sports leagues and has always been very popular with audiences. Tencent Sports, as the exclusive video broadcast agency for new media in China, entered the North American professional ice hockey for the first time. And will be the entire network of live NHL events, but also do not understand the NHL audience, the following will give you a brief introduction about the NHL NHL Coins.

Bungie's latest game

Game Developer's Favorite Game: "Super Mario: Odyssey"

In the game's favorite game survey, Mario + Ragdoll: Battle of the Kingdom and Super Mario: Odyssey topped the list, but the Switch exclusive game was slightly superior in terms of votes.

In short, "Super Mario: The Odyssey" looks like unparalleled, like last year's "The Wilderness". New York City and desert scenes are very interesting to try out, and Mario's transition to 2D is a favorite of many people.

Retailer's favorite game: "Fate 2"


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