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Garden Bird Netting

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As a Professional China Plastic Netting Manufacturers and Gutter Guards Suppliers,the company produces wide range of plastic net items: Safety fence, Anti-bird net, Plant support net, Gutter mesh, Deer fence, Insect screen,Multipurpose netting, BOP netting, filtration netting and so on, selling as OEM style.
NAITE's Anti garden bird netting is desined as an humane and environmentally-friendly way.It can be used to protect all types of objects, openings and structures,like fruit trees, berries,bushes, shrubs,plants,flowers and vegetables.NAITE provide three different netting. The diamond mesh is a most economic way ,it can protect your fruits from the birds but won't hurt the birds.The square mesh is a lightweight but strong netting, it can even protect your fruits from small animals. The knitted knot netting is the strongest one , and with diamond mesh size, it can 100% provide your fruit if installed properly.