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Ningbo Aesthetics Easylife Co., Ltd

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Even the best ideas can’t take flight without the ability to produce quality goods on a global scale.Aesthlf Global works with OEM manufacturers and leading brands to bring innovative, inspired home products to the marketplace.
From air flyers to coffee machine, ice maker to fruit dryer and electric grill, Aesthlf Global knows the home appliance market. And it’s our market intelligence and existing relationships that set us apart from other sourcing companies.
Our team has decades of home appliance focused experience in marketing, product management, procurement, import/export, logistics, warehousing and distribution to deliver the right product at the best cost. Together with our partners we have been responsible for the introduction of over 40 models of home products to the market, generating over $25 Million US in new revenue for our brands and partner brands.
Best of all, we are 100% committed to giving our partners only the best service throughout the process to ensure that goods are manufactured to the highest standard and are brought to market on time.
We travel around the world to identify the best new product opportunities for our clients and have long established business relationships with our manufacturing partners in North America, Europe and Asia.
Room 501, Qiaoshang Building,Southern Business District,Yinzhou,Ningbo,China