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Wuxi Changrun Power Petrochemical General Accessories Co., Ltd.

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Supplier types:ManufacWuxi Changrun Power Petrochemical General Accessories Co., Ltd.turer/Trade company/Personal
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Telephone number:+8615759265176
Mobile number:(+86)15759265176
Certifications: PED/CE&AD-WO certificate of TUV, ABS, BV, CCS, NK, RINA, DNV, KR, LR
Supplier description:The company manufactures forged flanges, tube sheet, baffles plate, plate, fitting, ring, nozzle, reinforcing tube, pipe and various forgings for various heat exchanger, boilers, pressure vessels, reactor and colume according to international and national standards (ASME, ASNI, DIN, GB, JB/T, SH, HG, DG, etc.) with various materials (carbon steel, alloy steel including steel used for high-temperature and low-temperature, stainless steel including duplex steel, nickel steel and etc.). The products are widely used in petroleum & chemical industry, electric industry (nuclear power, wind electricity, thermal power), light manufacturing, machinery, metallurgy, ship craft and etc.
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