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We use brand colors, logos and pictures to make your products stand out from the rest. Branded displays are good for promotional items and newly released products. POPAI Global is part of the Parkway Display of companies, POPAI Global is one of the retail POP & POS display solutions manufacturers and exporters in Shenzhen, China. POPAI Global works with a wide range of industries. Many of our customers are long term repeat customers. We work to develop long lasting relationships which help us better understand their business. More detail please visit

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Phone: (626) 339-6270
Opening Hours: 08:30 - 21:00

Busy Bees Acrylic Displays Co., Ltd.

Busy Bees Acrylic Displays Co., a recognized brand acrylic displays manufacturer,sets primary specialty in manufacturing of a large colletion of acrylic displays,metal displays and wooden displays.Acrylic flower box,acrylic card holder,bakery display case,jewelry display box,acrylic furniture,dress display,stone stand and many other display products are all from the series of display product lines.

Busy Bees Acrylic Displays manufacturer has always been holding hard to high standard quality control.From the implementation of quality monitoring and control system to the strict training for quality inspection personnel.In addition,we constantly introduce advanced technology as well as enhance our own research and development capacity to make sure to offer every customer prior quality product.

Busy Bees Acrylic Displays manufacturer will give you the best business experience not only in the aspect of competitive price,high quality product but also the reliable service.Just contact us.

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