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13 Important Questions to Ask Solar Vendors Before Installing Solar System

Submitted by Dasenergie on Fri, 04/19/2024 - 02:33

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To get the most out of your solar system, you need to ask some important questions to your solar vendor. For example, are the solar panel models approved by the government for subsidy? To help you, we have listed the 13 most important questions to ask solar vendors.

13 Questions to Ask Solar Vendors

Here are the 13 most important questions you should ideally ask your vendor before making your selection: 

1. Do the Solar Modules Fulfil DCR Requirement?

DCR stands for Domestic Content Requirement. In DCR-certified panels, all important components must be made in India. A panel must be DCR-certified to be eligible for the PM Surya Ghar subsidy that helps residents get up to Rs.78,000

2. Is the Solar Panel Model Listed in ALMM?

ALMM is the abbreviation for Approved List of Models and Manufacturers. Solar panels that meet the standards of MNRE get listed in ALMM. You also need to buy ALMM-listed panels to get PM Surya Ghar subsidy.

3. What is the Cost of the Solar System?

One of the questions for solar panel installers is about the cost of the solar system. So before selecting a solar vendor, you should ask for a quotation from that vendor. It is better if you compare multiple solar system quotation. It will help you make an informed choice about purchasing a solar system.

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4. How Much Electricity Will the Solar System Generate?

Usually, a mono PERC solar system of 1 kW generates 4 units of electricity in a day. So, a 3 kW system generates 4 x 3 x 30 = 360 units of electricity monthly. One of the important questions is how much solar electricity the solar system will generate.

5. What is the Technology of the Solar Panel?

The efficiency of a panel depends on its technology. For example, mono PERC panels have an efficiency of 20-21% while poly panels have an efficiency of 13-17%. The solar panel installation cost will vary according to the panel you choose for your solar system.

6. How to Install Net Metering?

It is important to know the process for installing a net meter and who will install it. Usually, a customer has to apply to the DISCOM for net metering.

7. How Much Space Will the Solar System Take?

Typically, installing solar systems of 1 kW takes up 5.1 sq. metres. You also need to consider the area between solar panels.

8. What is Covered by the AMC and How Much Does it Cost?

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) covers maintenance, cleaning and repairing of your solar system. You need to ask the cost of maintenance to your vendor.

9. Are you Empanelled with My DISCOM?

You will be eligible for the solar subsidy only if your installer is empanelled with your DISCOM. This is why it is a must-ask question.

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10. What is the Lifespan of Solar Panels?

Solar panels typically work for 25-30 years. You must also check the warranty period before buying solar panels.

11. How Much is Your Experience in Installing Solar Systems?

A vendor must have the skills and experience to ensure that the rooftop solar installation is error-free.

12. What are the Mounting Structures Made of?

A mounting structure should be made of material which is strong and resistant to corrosion. Galvanizing with zinc, for example, is a favoured option to make structures rustproof.

13. How Much Efficiency Will Solar Panels Lose With Time?

Solar panels usually lose their efficiency at a rate of 0.5-0.8% per year. In the first year, they degrade about 1%.

One of the important decisions to make while installing your solar system is the choice of vendor for installing it. You can compare quotations from the best vendors at Das Energie Private Limited.

You need to carefully consider various factors before installing a solar system. From the quality of the mounting structure to the lifespan of the solar panels, you must ask these questions to solar vendors to make an informed decision about installing a solar system.