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5 Reasons Why Short Skirts Are the Best Dresses for Prom

Short prom dresses are one of the hottest trends on the red carpet right now. They make you look amazing, are flattering to your figure, and are easy to wear. While a lot of girls would love to wear a short prom dress, the fear of what other girls think of you may prevent you from wearing the dress. With that being said, there are plenty of reasons to embrace short prom dresses.

  1. They Are Trendy

"I'm not sure if I'd want to wear them if I wasn't a celebrity, but I would definitely want to wear short prom dresses if I were,” says model and actress Kim Kardashian West. If you’re trying to appeal to men, think about the sort of woman they like. They may enjoy dating a woman who dresses in a certain way, and wearing something that represents a trend that is trendy is a way to show off your fashion sense to potential mates.

  1. They Make You Look Taller

It might seem like common sense to know that wearing short skirts makes you look shorter, but not all women are aware of this, says Cavanagh. It’s important to know that every woman has a personal body type. If you’re pear-shaped, you’ll look better in short skirts than if you’re apple-shaped, for example. But don’t just take Cavanagh’s word for it. Try on a skirt that fits you perfectly. Then ask a friend to look at you. If your friend agrees, you’ve got it made.

  1. They Are Feminine

A recent study conducted by the University of Cambridge found that when women wear short skirts, men find them less attractive and less masculine, but when they wear long skirts, men find them more feminine. In other words, men like long skirts, but only if they’re wearing short skirts. In both cases, however, wearing short skirts makes women more attractive to men.

  1. They Fit Tightly

Prom short skirts fit tightly and leave little to the imagination. That means there are no problems with the waistline, no matter what the wearer thinks. If prom short skirts don't fit tightly, then the dress' waistline will either be too loose or too tight. Prom short skirts that fit too tightly may be uncomfortable, but this should not be considered a reason not to wear them. If the dress is too tight in the chest area, you may find yourself suffering from a "puppy dog" breathing issue when you breathe in.

  1. They Make You Look Classier

They might make you look sexier than a long skirt or even a dress, but short skirts can sometimes have a negative effect on your appearance. The waistline, especially, can appear smaller than it should. On the other hand, shorter skirts can make a woman appear taller and slimmer, especially if she has an attractive physique.
They’re comfortable. They look amazing. They make your legs look longer. They help you show off your assets. They show off your cleavage without being too revealing. And they don’t restrict movement. This is because short skirts are made from a softer material than long skirts, so they won’t restrict your movement as much. Plus, you can wear them with almost anything. If you like the idea of wearing a beautiful, elegant dress, but still want to feel comfortable, a short skirt is the perfect dress for you. Just make sure you choose the right style.