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From Hippy Cafes To A Global Favorite: A Cold Brew Reinvention

Submitted by beewel on Tue, 05/02/2023 - 23:40

The life story of coffee dates back to 700 A.D., giving a new meaning to the saying 'old is gold.' When it comes to the reinvention of ages, a cold brew, the first documented cup, dates back to the 1600s. Do you know what they say? With evolution, perfection follows, and so is the case with our cold brew made with fresh Coffee Beans. The artistic evolution of the cold brewing technique took a page from the traditional books on the Kyoto style and gave it a modern-day slow-steeped immersion spin-off.   
What Is A Cold Brew?
As a staple caffeine choice, a cup of cold brew is celebrated by many across the globe. But wait; first, we want to ensure you understand what a cold brew is so you do not confuse it with a cold coffee. Cold coffee made with fresh coffee beans is brewed hot and then chilled down. With a cold brew, on the other hand, heat and coffee grounds do not go hand in hand, as heat is never an element of the process that gives the end pour a distinctive texture and flavor profile. 
A cold brew, when made right with the Best Coffee in India, has a smooth and silky consistency and a less acidic sweet flavor. The praise for reigniting the cold brew flame goes to millennials and millennials only. The do it all generation that stops for nothing is the generation that has made cold brew something more than a beverage - a lifestyle.
A Heavenly Creation & How Is It Made? 
A spot-on cold brew, when served and sipped, has the power to fill your pallet with a spectrum of rich and distinctive flavors. The burst of flavor occurs due to the extensive practice of soaking coarse coffee ground for long intervals. The cold soaking of coffee grounds allows the slow release of oils present in the coffee beans, which contributes towards making the end flavor deliciously rich. 
All you need to make a cold brew is a jar, a cheesecloth, a spoon, and an overnight wait period. The flavor, the wait, the clink of glasses, the cold comfort of coffee on a summer morning, a cold brew, when made with the best coffee, gives an experience divine. 
Where can you find the best coffee in India? The answer is very obvious and easy, all you have to do is search, and a new spectrum of coffee will welcome you into the caffeinated paradise where everything is 100% pure, authentic, and affordable to help you make your next cold brew this summer.