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We examined other defensive errors the Raiders

Submitted by haoxiuyun on Mon, 01/16/2023 - 17:12

Sometimes Madden NFL 23 players take Mut 23 coins on each other. The Raiders frequently play this way! In fact, they were no. 11 in the Madden NFL 23 in total defense in the year. (No. 11 -- the pillars?)

But, on this particular play this time, you can see that Raiders defense are so awful that there are only two possibilities or explanations for football from above, OR, the Raiders are using their poor defensive skills as an expression of their complete obedience to the dark cabal referred to as the Illuminati. This cabal governs every single aspect of our lives.

We examined other defensive errors the Raiders took this season and we believe Averidge is on to something. Look at the following Adrian Peterson 80-yard touchdown run and tell me if an genuine Madden NFL 23 defense wouldn't have allowed Peterson make it to the end zone that easily. Note how the Raiders align in the Illuminati triangle formation, with the referee , instead of trying to take on Peterson.

I'm convinced that the entire scene speaks for it all by. At the end of the TD run, Peterson gets on the ground to congratulate Baphomet, whose visage appears on the left side in the picture.

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