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What are the signs of skin infection?

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Before we go into deep into signs of skin infection firstly its important to understand what skin infection is so that you can take online consultation doctor on time because of pandemic.
A skin infection is a condition in which germs (bacteria, viruses, or fungi) infect your skin and sometimes the deep tissues underneath it. In some cases, it’s caused by a parasite invading your skin. You can get a skin infection anytime
Some infections happen at the skin’s surface, but they can start deeper in the wound. You can treat minor skin infections at home, but you might have to take doctor consultation if your signs worsened day by day.
Symptoms of skin infection:
Pus or fluid leaking out of the cut
Red skin around the injury
Red streak that runs from the cut toward heart.
Pimple or yellowish crust on the top
Blister type sores
Pain that gets worse
Swelling that gets worse after a few days
The wound that is not healed after 10 days
In all these conditions it is recommended to take online doctor advice and take the prescribed medicines.
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