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What is Bug Tracking and its Tracking Tools?

Submitted by xebrio on Sat, 12/24/2022 - 08:04

The process of recording software issues and keeping track of all bugs found to date is known as bug tracking. Any bug tracking tool's goal is to keep product quality high and report any problem that could cause a process discrepancy at any time.
Network managers can keep an eye on any activity within a network's hardware infrastructure with the aid of bug tracking tools. To find product flaws early on and correct them, a strong defect tracking tool or issue tracker is essential. Teams will be provided with a full project management ecosystem, according to Xebrio.
In order to make future modifications, the bug tracking system examines, tests, and records any flaw in the system. Tools for defect tracking are not just used to hunt down software defects. There are solutions for free issue tracking systems and project development in addition to the top software bug tracking tools.
Have a look at some Bug Tracking Tools In Software Testing:

    1. Bugzilla Bug Tracking Tool

Project managers utilize Bugzilla, one of the top online bug tracking solutions, to manage bugs and issues. Additionally, it offers a sophisticated interface where one can manage all of the automated charts and reports, document management and collaboration software. In order for the team to work on a bug, Bugzilla supports mentioning notes for the bug as well as time tracking and duplicate bug detection.

    1. Redmine

The open source bug tracking application Redmine is compatible with SQLite, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. More than 34 languages are supported, which helps project managers and software engineers avoid errors that could lower the caliber of the finished product.

    1. Mantis Bug Tracker

One of the most widely used bug trackers, MantisBT, is great for effectively managing bigger projects. It offers user-based access control that one can modify to meet the needs of the project. The issue fields and processes of this well-liked free bug tracking programme can both be modified.

    1. Zoho Bug Tracker

The greatest bug tracking software is Zoho Bug Tracker. It comes with a free bug tracker, which is great for identifying flaws and fixing them immediately. The free bug tracker application from Zoho allows up to five individuals to collaborate on the same project. It is perfect for software engineers that need to fix problems right away to keep the quality high through the document collaboration software.

    1. Jira Bug Tracking Tool

Software developers may track and manage defects with the aid of the Jira bug tracking application, which also guarantees a smooth product development cycle. Additionally, it aids in assigning bugs to project participants and ranking them for prompt issue resolution. Also, whenever an issue is found, alerts are forwarded to the pertinent Custom Project Management Software.
Track the frequency of the most popular bugs and projects. Additionally, search for a solution that makes it simple to preserve a complete History of bug status changes and problem updates.

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