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What can online doctors prescribe you?

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Submitted by aayuapp on Tue, 09/07/2021 - 02:29

The days of going to the doctor for small problems such as sneeze and sore throat are gone. Today, there is no need to take hours out of your day to consult with your doctor about what could very well be just a cold. There is other option available called telemedicine. You might be surprised to find out that online doctors can even prescribe online medicine.
Difference between online consultation and In-person visit:
Going to see the doctor can be a major source of hassle. Unfortunately, many of us put it off because it seems like an ordeal. If you live far away from your doctor, then this can create a problem. Take online doctor consultation from specialist doctors and can take follow-up visits, and having something wrong with you can drain your resources and time.
Telemedicine has gain its pace after digital technology has evolved. When it was first introduced, it was utilized to help patients who had no access to a doctor receive the medical support they needed. This was originally done via means of a telephone. For next few decades, telemedicine remained an outlier service, which was useful in small amounts to select groups of people. In recent times, however, the technology has advanced to a point where telemedicine can benefit everyone in the healthcare system; In fact, the telemedicine revolution has already begun, and as digital technology develops further, the movement will continue to ascend through medicine app.
Depending on your condition, your doctor might be able to view your results and make diagnoses using telemedicine.
So what are the main differences between online consultation vs. in-person consultation? Well, for starters, patients aren’t just limited to phones anymore. There are a large number of digital devices that can be utilized for tele medicinal practices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs, as well as a huge number of telemedicine apps that aid and assist patients and doctors alike. The major concern most people would have is that if your doctor isn’t physically looking at you, how can you be sure he’s going to catch all the symptoms you might be presenting? You would essentially be relying on your own communication skills to explain your symptoms to the doctor, which might not be the best course of action.