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What to do when your newborn starts crying?

Sometimes, newborns tend to get fussy. So, it is normal for them to start crying abruptly. In such cases, you should keep your calm. You must stay patient and try to appease them. There are other steps to soothe a crying baby. For example, you could distract them with baby soothers. You could pat on their backs until they calm down. These simple tricks work like a charm if done correctly. Here are a few:

Diaper change
At times, a soiled diaper can cause discomfort to the baby. As a result, they may start crying. So, keep an eye on their diapers. If it is dirty, change them as soon as possible. If kept for long, wet or dirty diapers can cause skin irritations, too. Hence, ensure that the diaper is always clean and dry.

Using teethers for babies is another way to soothe discomfort. Your baby can find relief by chewing on them. Such toys are also great for developing teeth. They stimulate tender gums and provide comfort. So, try using them the next time.

Taking a stroll works well to soothe a crying baby. It offers adequate distraction and mental stimulation. For instance, say your newborn starts crying out of nowhere. You check their diapers; it is clean. You try to feed them, but they are not hungry. In this case, take them for a stroll. Seeing the outside world will help distract your baby significantly. They will start observing their surroundings and forget about their discomfort.

Your baby activity toys hold more benefits than one. They work wonderfully in calming your baby. Some of such toys come with tinker bells attached to them. This way, when you shake them, a sound is produced. It distracts your baby almost instantly. As a result, they become more focused on the toy.

This is a tremendous interactive technique. It calms them effectively. Hearing the gentle humming sounds give them a sense of comfort. When you pair this with mild rocking movements, it can even put them to sleep. However, make sure that your tone and volume is low while doing so. You do not want to startle a crying baby.

Warm bath
There is nothing a warm bath cannot fix. This stands true when the baby cries. The warmth of the water soothes the built-up stress in their bodies. It relaxes their muscles and calms them. However, run a temperature check before introducing them to the bathwater. If it feels hot to you, add some cool water. Keep mixing until it is lukewarm. This way, you can effectively protect your baby’s skin.