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SWP in mutual fund or systematic withdrawal

SWP in mutual fund or systematic withdrawal plan is a facility offered by AMCs wherein investors, who have invested a lumpsum amount in any mutual fund scheme, can choose to withdraw a fixed amount at a given frequency. This turns out to be a smart option for investors to get regular income after retirement or otherwise.

When an investor has accumulated a substantial corpus during his working years, they can reap the benefits by way of systematic withdrawal plan. Depending on investors requirement, they can decide how much money they want to withdraw and at what frequency.

A quick mini guide on Two-Wheeler Insurance

Bikes are the most economical and compact vehicles that offer better fuel efficiency and allow you to zip through traffic quickly. But they are regarded as the most dangerous ones owing to their size. Getting caught in a two-wheeler accident can pose a threat to your life. Precisely why, it is essential to invest in good Two Wheeler Insurance. Here is an instant guide to help you select the right one.
Types of policies

How to increase your Home Loan eligibility?

The decision of buying a house requires several resources and planning. You try to reduce your expenses, focus on saving money, and fulfil only essential requirements. Thankfully, there is no need to compromise too much. With an increase in home buyers these days, all banks and financial institutions are now offering a Home Loan to fund it.

Should you consider a Home Loan transfer?

The Interest Rates on Housing Loans rise and fall, causing people to consider lower rates. However, this is not the only aspect to consider when transferring your Home Loan. When you approach the lender to close your loan for a better lender, most lenders do agree. But they do so only after a transfer charge and a pre-closure fee gets paid.

Most lenders charge these fees. So, what to do if you are a creditor in this situation? Should you pay an expense to move your loan for lower Home Loan interest rates? Let us look at this!

Common FAQs about FASTag explained

Presume you are driving your car on an Indian State or National Highway. You usually drive at a decent pace, but you stop when you arrive at the toll plaza. It not only slows down your ride but also dampers your mood, mainly if there is a queue of vehicles. However, with the Indian Government's latest FASTag programme, you pay toll charges without waiting at any toll booth. You maintain the momentum and enjoy the journey.

There are several other advantages to being a member of FASTag. Let us understand the concept better with FAQs:

6 important Education Loan terms you need to know

Your aspirations and future opportunities depend on the education you receive. The more you study, the better it is. You require funds to pay for fees and accommodation during your studies. Hence, plan your finances responsibly while saving for the future. Several banks and lending institutions offer financial aid to aspiring students.

How to lead a debt-free life?

Living with outstanding dues has become the new normal. If you can manage to come out of the pile successfully, you can easily stand above the rest. We all dream of reaching such a financial stage. Surprisingly, releasing the stress of debts depends on your willpower and determination. If you make up your mind to pay off the Loan debts and work consistently towards your goals, then reaching this stage is not impossible.

Things to look out for in the Personal Loan agreement

One of the popular financial services offered by banks and other financial institutes are Personal Loans. You can apply them for varied reasons and repay them in easy and affordable instalments. Most lenders enable you to apply for them online, and the funds get disbursed into the account instantly. But when borrowers apply for the loan online, they do not read the essential clauses in the agreement.

So, the following are the most important clauses you should watch out for:

Which Are The Schemes Linked To PMAY?

Affordable housing is a major concern in a developing country like India. The increasing population is unable to cope with the space crunch in villages or cities. Moreover, the increased migration of the rural population to cities is increasing the number of slum dwellers. The outcome leads to frequent water shortages, power cuts, unhygienic conditions, and a decline in the overall living standards.


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