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Pear Diamond Price

Pear cut is also known as teardrop or penlock cut diamond. This is called a modified luxurious cut diamond, which mixes marquis and oval cuts with a rounded end and a point on the other. Its signature silhouette is instantly recognizable. Peer cut diamond color grades range from G-H to icy cool tones of color grades D-F. Buy pear diamonds online with price and details. Choose a Pear Cut Diamond for an exclusive and good looking engagement ring at Shiv Shambu Online Store. The pear diamond is more unique in the diamond category.

Oval Cut Diamonds Price

Oval Diamond offers outstanding brilliance, durability and style. Shiv Shambhu has a large collection and recommends H, I, J and K colors or better and VVS2, VS1, VS2, Si1 and Si2 for clarity for oval cut diamonds. Oval diamonds in your engagement ring are a beautiful way to start a new look. The most common and classic shape is the oval, it is the most visible stone and allows more light to enter the diamond, increasing the stone's luster.

Marquise Diamond Price

Marquise Cut Diamonds are about 10% - 20 % less expensive than other Cut Diamonds, its depending on the size and quality. You can check for all the same parameters like length to width ratio and measurements to ensure the right look for your marquise engagement ring. We have large collocation of marquise cut diamonds with different color, size, carat, and celerity.

Ice Crush Diamonds

This is a unique brand we are only offerings in the Diamond industry. In this category of diamonds looks like ICE is Crushing into the glass. Due to the unique feature of the brand these diamonds are comparatively more expensive than the other diamonds usually 20-25%. But it looks fabulous when we mount it on Rings and Jewelry, it gives an immense look to the beauty of end consumers.

Heart Cut Diamond

The Heart Diamond shape is one of the rarest and is currently considered the most popular of all Fancy Diamond shapes. Heart shaped diamonds are a modified version of the Round Diamonds. Because they reflect lots of light, the color of a heart shaped diamond is harder to distinguish than it is in a diamond with a large table, such as an Other Diamonds. Heart Diamonds often cost more than other Fancy Diamonds of the same weight because of Heart Shape cutting. Heart cut diamonds price generally about 20% to 25% less than Rounds Cut Diamonds.

European Cut

The European cut diamond is an excellent choice for jewelry. In terms of setting, OEC diamonds look great with settings that feature details and intricate designs, which highlight the beauty of the stone. European diamonds are cut with a focus on clarity rather than shine. European shape diamonds were cut for carat weight rather than brilliance. They are less sparkly than modern brilliant diamonds and were cut and polished. You can get all details here!

Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamond is an attractive diamond shape and is sometimes call to as square emerald cut. It was initially made for emeralds, a popular diamond cut into fancy shaped diamonds. The emerald diamond has long, rectangular facets, and this gives it a sophisticated and eye-catching beauty. An emerald cut engagement ring will be cheaper than other fancy shaped engagement rings. Emerald diamonds are cheaper per carat than most cuts, and are significantly cheaper than round diamonds.

Elongated Radiant Diamond

Radiant cut diamonds have the outline of emerald cut diamonds, but they show a far greater shine. They lengthen the finger and come at a bigger discount than round ones, making them a great choice for engagement rings. A very fine-cut sparkle can shine as bright as a round diamond, but it costs much less. Due to their relatively affordable price point, they are also popular for non-engagement jewelry such as diamond studs and pendants. Check out the wide dazzling selection for the best in unique or custom, pieces from our diamond online shops.


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