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Diamond Buy Under $3000 In NYC

When you're looking to buy Diamonds for $3000 you've come to the right place because on Shiv Shambu you get many types of diamonds in your budget. Shiv Shambu not only provides quality diamonds to its customers but also provides GIA Certified Diamonds which makes your purchase even easier. Shiv Shambu gives Diamonds to its customers at a reasonable price, so that the customer can buy the Diamonds of his choice.

Buy Asscher Shape Diamond In Diamond District

Asscher Cut Diamond is the best diamond of all the fancy diamonds. Asscher diamond's corners are rounded and the shapes are also square. Step cutting takes place inside the Asscher Diamond. People also like Asscher diamonds because these diamonds are very attractive and beautiful. People also use this Diamond as a proposal ring. So make your love more special with Asscher cut diamond ring. To buy Asscher Diamonds at the best price and for more Diamond information visit our online store.

Buy Diamonds Under $2000

You can now choose from all diamond shapes like Asscher, Emerald, Oval, Round, Marquise and engagement rings, wedding rings, and proposal rings within a $2000 budget. Diamond rings are very beautiful to look at and attract people towards themselves so now make your look and your love more beautiful with diamond-studded accessories.

Best Diamond Buy Under $500

Find round and fancy-shaped diamonds under $500 that are beautiful and made to meet your budget. This collection's loose diamonds are all accompanied by GIA diamond grading reports. When looking through Shiv Shambu's great assortment of diamonds under $500, prioritise cut grade above brilliance to stretch your dollar further without sacrificing brilliance.

Buy Princess Cut Diamonds at a good price

The shape of the Princess Cut Diamonds is square, this diamond is one of the most sought-after diamonds. Due to the ladder cut in this diamond, when the light passes through these diamonds, it gets scattered in all the four directions. This diamond is also used to express love, so people prefer to wear these rings in proposal rings as well. To get the best princess diamond to visit our online store.

Best Round cut diamond price In New York

A Round Shape Diamonds is the best of all diamonds because it is very attractive to look at and because it is perfectly round, it is also liked a lot. It is one of the favorite diamonds in engagement rings. Round diamonds have been a favorite of people for many centuries, of all the diamonds sold today, there are more round diamonds than any other diamond.

Best Radiant Diamond In NYC

Radiant Diamonds are one of the more affordable diamonds for a very good reason. These diamonds are very beautiful and shiny in appearance.Radiant diamonds are an excellent choice for people who want a better quality diamond at an affordable price. These diamonds are 10% to 30% less expensive than most round brilliant diamonds.

Get the Best Elongated Radiant Diamond In NYC

Elongated Radiant Diamonds are one of the more affordable diamonds for a very good reason. These diamonds are very beautiful and big to see. Elongated Radiant Diamonds are an excellent choice for those who want a larger diamond at an affordable price, and because of its large size, people love to wear this diamond.

Buy Asscher Shape Diamond In NYC

Asscher diamond is square-shaped with rounded corners. Asscher Diamonds have step cutting which the light to diffuse in all directions when it enters. The Asscher Diamond has rounded corners which makes the Asscher Diamond look more beautiful and attractive. Asher Diamond is widely used in engagement rings. For more information and to purchase Asscher Diamonds visit our online store.

Best Diamonds Under $5000 In NYC

You can choose from the greatest diamonds at prices under $5000 that fit any budget. Look for fancy-cut diamonds with a flawless cut when you want to tailor your spending without compromising style. All shapes of diamonds are represented in this collection: In this price range, you can easily discover diamonds that sparkle in the Round cut, Heart cut, Oval cut, Pear cut, diamond earrings, rings, engagement rings, and bracelets with diamond accents.


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