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Qelviq Making an End to your Wine Temperature Hindrance

Submitted by chrism12 on Thu, 12/01/2022 - 13:52

Qelviq is a product created by two siblings - Xavier Verellen and Helena Verellen who believed in the vital fact that - all degrees count for the leading wine-tasting affair. It so happened that on their visit to the beautiful Tuscan Hills of Italy, they ordered a ‘chianti’. But, upon tasting they found that the wine seemed overcooked because of warmth and absence of freshness. These instances followed when they were going to have Champagne at their home when it simply felt too chilly.

QelviQ – Solving your Wine Serving Temperature problem

Submitted by chrism12 on Mon, 11/07/2022 - 01:36

There is nothing quite like enjoying a glass of red and white wines in a relaxed setting, that is exactly what Xavier Verellen and his sister Helena Verellen were doing on a beautiful summer day, the only thing that was off was the taste of the wine because of the absence of wine refrigerators, even though it was a wonderful bottle.

They figured out that the wine was being served too warm, so Xavier started spending time with sommeliers and wine experts to learn more about the importance of wine serving temperature.

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