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Demat Accounts: Benefits and opening process

A Demat Account is essential if you wish to start trading activities. It holds all your investments in an electronic format. Examples include your bonds, government securities, ETFs, Mutual Funds, etc. Besides convenience, it also reaps various other benefits. The following are the most notable ones you should know about before you learn how to open a Demat Account online:

How are the Nifty and Sensex indices calculated? What do they indicate?

India's two major stock exchanges are the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange. Several stocks are listed on both exchanges. You can invest in any to earn decent returns. You should consider the market positioning before investing in stocks. Considering all stocks is challenging, given how massive the stock exchanges are. Here is where market indices come to your rescue. 

How to use SIP calculators? A guide

Market uncertainties and complexities when it comes to investments prevent many from starting their journey. But one factor that completely discards their desire to invest is the lack of funds. This is when Systematic Investment Plans enter the picture. It is an organised investment approach that allows you to invest a small sum regularly for a fixed period. Moreover, tools like the SIP Calculator makes it easier to handle the SIP.

How do Mutual Fund calculators help investors?

Mutual Fund Investments are managed professionally and run by an Asset Management Company. An AMC serves as a mediator for retail investors and pools in money from them. That money gets invested in shares, money market instruments, and other securities. In turn, each investor gets assigned a specific number of units proportional to the fund’s investment. Their losses, gains, expenses, and income of the fund are in proportion to the investment in the fund.
About Mutual Fund calculators

Demat Account myths and facts to be aware of

Up to 1996, investors had to store their investment certificates physically. Now that the world has gone digital, it has become possible to save your investments online. This is possible through an instrument called Demat Accounts. Demat, short for dematerialisation, the account holds all your investments electronically. Such accounts become crucial to open if you consider investing in Sensex today.
But before you do, you need to be aware of the account thoroughly. There are numerous facts and myths surrounding them. Let us clear them all.

Important points to keep in mind when investing in NPS

After spending years as a working professional, you look forward to enjoying your retirement period. This is the time you can reconnect with your loved ones and create happy memories. Rather than being hopeful of the good times that lie ahead, the concern of finances often worries you. To ensure you can enjoy your retirement and are financially secure, you should invest in the National Pension Scheme.


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