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Top Two Diamond For Engagement Rings in New York

Engagements are special occasions that can last a lifetime for you and your partner. The Diamond Engagement Rings you wear are also important in indicating the auspiciousness of your relationship. There is no other stone that can take the place of diamonds. From princess cuts to emerald cut diamonds all are good to give your partner, it all depends on yours. But here we suggest some shapes that are mostly purchased by people.

Cushion Diamond: Complete Information And Its Uses

Cushion diamonds, classic beauty with unique design. They have been known for years for the fire and colors they deliver. They are flashy, sparkling, beautiful diamonds with round edges and a perfect square design. You can customize your cushion to be more lengthy or rectangular in shape. They look perfect in an engagement ring.

Know Elongated Radiant Cut Diamonds  & Advantages 

Elongated, the word defines it well. Something with extra length or something that is lengthened by will. While talking about elongated radiant diamonds, it means radiant diamond cut with extra length than normal ones. Radiant Diamonds are a trademark for durability and brilliance. The Elongated Radiants are the ones that offer a perfect return of white light. They have an amazing view from both sides and top angles and due to their durability, they are known for conveying love to generations. 

What is Elongated Emerald Cut Diamond?

Before knowing about the elongated ones, we first have to know about emerald cut diamonds. Emeralds are beautiful diamonds step cut with perfection creating a perfect symmetrical view from all sides. Emeralds are square or rectangular in shape. When we talk about elongated emerald cut diamonds, the word elongated defines very well their length is increased to make them look bigger. 

Princess Cut Diamond: The Most Loved Diamond

Princess Cut Diamonds are mostly seen in engagement rings. Now what makes them the princess cut? It’s the beautiful design that wins every heart. The design is so magnificent that no woman can deny a princess cut. The look from above is more like a square or a rectangle while when looked from the side angle it looks like an inverted pyramid. With beautiful sides and a perfect heart winning design, this style is the third most popular diamond in the world. 

Radiant Cut Diamond: The Sparkling Star of the Decade

Radiant Cuts define their name well. They are bright, shining diamonds winning every heart. They are often referred to as Rectangular Modified Brilliant Diamonds. When we look deeper, we find that this beautiful diamond is a perfect blend of three amazing diamond cut styles. With fire and brilliance like the round cut diamond, corners trimmed as like asscher cut and unbolted clarity like emerald cut, this diamond reflects the soul of the one wearing this amazing and beautiful piece.

Radiant Diamond Specification

Heart Cut Diamond: A Perfect  Gift Womens

Want to admit your never ending love to your partner? Looking for something unique that can deliver the right feeling to your partner? Here is the answer. A perfect Heart Diamond can help you express your love to your partner. The Heart Cuts Diamonds are made to deliver love so if you are looking for a perfect gift for your valentine or your lovely engagement ring, this can be the perfect match. With upto 58 sparkling facets and a perfect french tip this amazing diamond can win any heart. Every heart shaped diamond is unique in size, brilliance and sparkle.

Round Cut Diamonds - Know About All information 

The round diamonds are very well known by everyone. They are appreciated for the excellent brilliance and fire offered. With amazing sparkling 58 facets, round diamonds are the best and one of their kind. They go well with not only engagement rings but they look amazing in earrings, necklaces, and other jewellery options. One can have an idea of how much they are loved just by looking at the selling percentage which is over 74%.

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