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Shaoxing Skyline Import & Export Co., Ltd.

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Shaoxing Skyline Import & Export Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007.Our company is located in Shaoxing City, one of the largest and most comprehensive textile product manufacturing and distribution centers in China. Our company has been in home textile business many years, own rich market experience. We start production from purchasing the most appropriated yarn based on your product and quality level. Then select the most suitable factories from our vast partner lists to complete the weaving, printing/dyeing, sewing and/or other finishing.
Our expertise is in dealing with household and garment textile fabric and finished goods. Currently we are serving overseas market with wide varieties of household textile products, such as bed linen fabric and finishing (Jacquard/dobby, printed, or embroidered); Damask fabric and finishing (including serviette and table clothes);

Tel : 0086-13735395073
Mobile : 0086-13735395073
Email :
Company Address: 301 Xianglian bldg., East Renming Road, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China

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