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The Magic Of Therapeutic Massage Oil On Your Skin

This makes resting and recovery major aspects of health and well-being. Another form of rest and recovery is massage. Massages have been a part of healing since time ancient times. The origin of massage and the use of therapeutic massage oils as part of human healing started in our country in around 300 BCE. Massages and the use of massage oils were a part of the Ayurvedic healing process. According to Ayurvedic thought and philosophy massage restores the body’s physical and natural balance to recover on its own from ailments and diseases.
Massaging also popularized the use of Therapeutic massage oils for lubrication that would prevent friction while carrying out the massage. It was later found that these oils also help in smoothening and tightening the skin.

Advantages of Therapeutic massage oils:-
• The problem of dry skin affects most people but using a massage oil can help heal dry skin by removing wrinkles and rough patches. They are also rich in Vitamin A, D which helps in treating eczema.
• Massage oils also help in hydrating the skin after daily wear and tear. They tend to retain moisture in the skin for longer periods of time.
• Massage oils tend to reduce anxiety and stress as they help control serotonin a hormone that affects our moods.
• Therapeutic massage oils heal muscle inflammations and athletic recovery of stressed muscles like quadriceps, hamstrings, rhomboids, and deltoids.
• They also help in the treatment of scars, and help in good fragrance and glow in the skin.