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fiber laser engraver

Submitted by lilyla on Tue, 11/29/2022 - 01:13 "The primary benefits of fiber laser engraver and engraving over other types of machined marking are due to there being no physical contact between the laser and the product meaning tool wear is no longer an issue and replacement tooling is not required, thereby cutting down on the longer term costs of marking products.

Laser etching also allows for more intricate patterns to be created whether these be images, bar codes or written information and it offers better contrast over machined markings. Laser engraving can also offer deeper cut engravings which are more resistant to abrasion and are quicker to produce when compared to machine engraving saving on production time. Laser operating is also considered safer than machine marking for the operators.

Monport specializes in Fiber Laser Engraver, we currently have 20W, 30W,50W fiber laser engraver, The Sino-Galvo delivers the laser beam with incredible speed and a much higher degree of accuracy than a regular CO2 laser. Its extreme stability ensures quick scanning, engraving, and project turn around."