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Tekkz has also mentioned Bayern Munich

Submitted by haoxiuyun on Fri, 02/10/2023 - 16:35

The option to FIFA 23 Coins alter this can be found on Ultimate Team with chemistry modifiers but it's expensive money.Tekkz has named Noussair Mazraoui Diego Carlos and Darwin Nunez as the three default 'lengthy' players you absolutely need.

Speaking to SPORTbible, Tekkz said: "If you're playing Ultimate Team, get players who have a long running type because that makes them twice as quick. Budget choices like Diego Carlos at centre back will help you improve your game because a lot of through balls are quite powerful and he'll be able to assist you in defending these balls.

You can also find someone like Darwin Nunez who again can latch onto the through balls. "Aston Villa's defensive player Carlos has an 83 rating in game and was at the low price of 990 coins as when we are writing.Liverpool striker Nunez has an 82 rating and is priced at roughly 3000 coins.

Tekkz has also mentioned Bayern Munich full-back Mazraoui as an alternative that's cheap that you can consider in to your team.He stated: "Centre backs with 70 pace, such as Carlos, are vital. Also, Bayern have the right-back Mazraoui who's extremely good. If you're able to acquire those two and Nunez in front, who is a little more expensive, it will make a difference in how you play."

Tekkz is a member of Fnatic, the number one sports organization worldwide. He's been an Fnatic Athlete for two years and has been awarded four FIFA Championships in that time including that of buy FUT 23 Coins the eChampions League.