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How Are Debt Funds Beneficial?

Fixed income products have always been a part of every household’s savings to provide security and growth to the investment. It also protects you from inflation. Traditionally, people preferred fixed deposits and recurring deposits for investments and relied on them for regular savings. However, nowadays, you can find many diverse investment options with the rise in the number of investors.

How Do Telegraphic Transfers Differ From Wire Transfers?

There are many methods of transferring money to locals and people living overseas. It is essential always to have some financial security because emergencies come without warning. Many Indians are living in foreign countries and require money for their survival. They need to meet their priorities, including medical expenses and other immediate requirements. 

Steps To Send Outward Remittance

It has become common to have people working abroad these days. They stay away from their family and adopt a cross-border transfer of money. They do this to aid their family expenses, emergencies, etc. Remittance has been a process applied for decades to get this done. It is a convenient procedure to send and receive money across borders.

Factors To Contemplate Before Sending Money Overseas

There are several remittance options available to remit to India. Selecting a money transfer service also becomes a tiresome activity. It is not mandatory for all transactions that the service you regularly select is the best available one. You must take care of the hidden costs and exchange rate fees provided by banks and financial institutions and be aware of them.

Before making an overseas foreign money transfer, you should spend time and investigate the different money transfer services based on the following factors listed below:

6 Benefits Of Investing In Structured Products

People keen on investing in financial assets and commodities would always look for some benefits that the scheme would offer. After all, they are contributing their hard-earned money to the investment. They are searching for better and higher returns so that it is sufficient for them to fulfil their needs. A person has many responsibilities towards fulfilling the requirements of the family.

How To Select The Best Mutual Funds?

There are many mutual funds available out there, but you need to decide on what is best for you as an investor. However, that decision is subjective. A fund which works for one investor might not necessarily work for the other. Building a mutual fund portfolio depends on several unique parameters to you, and the fund's performance significantly. How can we say what makes a particular fund the best? The answer depends on the following ways –

Advantages Of Transferring Money Abroad Through Mobile Banking Apps

For several services, people are increasingly dependent on mobile devices. When Apple launched its first iPhone, none had heard of an app. Fast forward 12 years and the App Store has almost four million applications available. You use them for everything right from booking a taxi to buying food and even learning a new language. It is difficult to imagine a phone without apps. They also have hours of fun, with games accounting for almost a quarter of all apps.

Why Are Debt Funds Better Than Fixed Deposits?

Fixed-income products have always been a component of all household savings to offer investment protection and growth, at least in line with inflation. Fixed and Recurrent Deposits(RDs) have historically been the preferred outlets for daily savings. However, because of better returns, higher liquidity, tax efficiency and convenience, debt mutual funds have gained popularity in recent years.

Debt mutual funds score on several primary parameters over FDs and RDs:

Structured Products: An Overview

Structured products are designed to fulfil particular risk-return objectives. These goals are reached by taking in conventional underlying assets and substituting their expected returns for non-traditional payoffs from other underlying investments.

Essentially, returns from structured products get compared to traditional returns from underlying assets. However, they are linked with swaps, futures, and other financial instruments in the event of an upside or a downside, to take advantage of greater participation.

Wire Transfers: Everything You Need To Know

When you want to send money immediately from one location to another, especially overseas locations, Wire Transfer is the best and most popular medium available. It is the fastest way to electronically transfer funds from one bank account to another, in any part of the world.

Since its introduction, Wire Transfers have become the go-to mode of sending and receiving money globally. They are also the safest and secure way of sending funds either to your loved ones or for business transactions.


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