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Systematic Investment Plan: A Detailed Guide

Wealth creation needs discipline, and it gets created over a period, through systematic and meticulous investments. You must start saving from the time you earn and put away the funds in a diverse range of financial instruments so that you can accumulate a massive corpus and fulfil the financial goals. Some of the best investments for long-term wealth creation include PPF, recurring deposits, and mutual funds. So, which is the ideal option?

A Checklist For NRIs Seeking Home Loan In India

India's real estate industry has become a lucrative investment destination for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). In the past few years, the number of expatriates putting their money into the real estate of the country has increased. Also, some of the investment-friendly measures implemented by the new government have boosted investor confidence.

What Mistakes To Avoid When Taking A Home Loan?

Buying a home is life’s most significant decision, and it is advisable not to make this decision in a hurry. If you have decided to purchase a property and are ready to apply for the finance for buying one? You need to take informed steps to make the right choices at the appropriate time. You should not opt for a housing loan because your relatives or friends advised you to get a loan.

Things HNI Customers Should Know About Bank Services

Banks are essential to everyone, but the high net-worth customers need to be especially careful about the banks with which they open accounts. With more capital on the stake and more money at the bank's disposal. The experience for HNI individuals is quite different.

Many HNI individuals choose to work with a private bank that focuses on wealth management – either a stand-alone company or a private banking division of a larger banking corporation.

Accounts for HNI Customers

What Is Digital Banking?

During the olden days, banking was considered as time – consuming business. Even for withdrawals or deposits of cash, people had to visit the bank branch and wait in long queues to process their requests. They were given tokens and could go only when the cashier called out the token number. Banks were densely crowded with customers, and every service used to take lots of time.

Five Benefits Of Online Personal Loans

Many unpredicted emergencies arise in day to day lives that significantly impact the financial situation of people. The wealthy face scarcity in their resources, whereas, the middle and lower class become almost bankrupt and take help from financial institutions like moneylenders and banks to pay for the expenses. People have their own opinion of loans and borrow them from whichever source readily available.

What Is Digital Banking, And How Does It Work?

Gadgets surround every corner of the world. They have made it easier for humans to complete their tasks and submit them on time. The digital technology keeps evolving with every passing day. New inventions, discoveries and innovations rule the digital world to make human-made efforts less and increase the load on machines. Banking services have progressed and evolved drastically. Since all the sectors are available digitally, why should banking be left behind?

How to Open an NRI Account Online?

We all have that one NRI member in our family who lives abroad for better employment and earnings. Every NRI leaves their family and hometown to spend most of their time abroad, saving for the betterment of his family. To secure their hard-earned money is what every bank strives to achieve. And thankfully, the banking processes of today are much more convenient and secured.

5 Reasons Why You Need Internet Banking with Your NRI Bank Account

If you are an aspiring Non-Resident Indian, looking to move to a foreign country in the near future, you need to ensure you manage your financials properly. You may need an account to manage your incomes in India and abroad but the rules that apply to resident Indians will not apply to you. As such, you need to open an NRI bank account. When you apply for NRI banking services, your bank provides internet banking services as well, which you must activate as soon as possible.


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