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How To Minimise The Mutual Fund Risk?

Every investment scheme comes with its share of risks and rewards. Both works together to give you the returns on your funds. Hence, you need to bear the uncertainties to let your income soar. The same goes for Mutual Fund Investment. It gets exposed to various risks as it is a market-driven instrument. However, the appointment of fund managers is a relief. They are experts in the field who handle your investments.

How Are Savings Accounts Different From Other Bank Accounts?

The banking sector has developed with the growth in technology over the last few years. The Savings Account opening online allows the customer to manage and transact via laptops or the Banking app from the comfort of their homes. It saves the customer’s time, money, and effort by bringing all their banking solutions right to their doorsteps. 

Digital vs Regular Savings Account 

A Brief On MMID

You need not visit the bank branch these days to transfer money from one account to another. You can perform this function from the comfort of your home or anywhere worldwide. You need a fair understanding of digital modes of banking. Since technology is ruling the world, banking is not an exception.

How Can Nris Invest In Mutual Funds?

Many Indians move overseas in the pursuit of job opportunities. They usually do so to support their family back in India financially. In such cases, having some financial backing comes in handy. Precisely why most NRIs invest in Mutual Fund in India. It expands their income earnings significantly. This way, they get to support their family better. Here is how it gets done:


Why is an NRE Savings Account essential? What are its eligibility criteria?

A Non-Resident External Account generates deposited foreign funds to India. This means can deposit money in any foreign denomination. The denomination then gets converted into INR. An NRE Savings Account is highly beneficial to global Indians. It offers them many rewards. Some provide attractive NRE Savings interest rates, productive fund management, etc.

Why should you invest in ELSS Funds?

Investing in Mutual Funds is an excellent method to grow your money over time. However, when it comes to such investments, you get confused about which fund to invest in. Your Mutual Fund Investments should get done as per your investment tenure to build a large corpus to meet your objectives over time.

Let us understand how it is beneficial to consider one of the most talked-about funds – Equity-Linked Savings Scheme.

Save on taxes and make money

How Does Remittance Work?

Based on the 2019 survey done by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs Population Division, the worldwide expat population has surpassed 272 million people. In the following years, it is projected to grow. The planet is, without a doubt, shrinking by the minute.

People are moving to other nations nowadays for various reasons, including better salary, a higher standard of living, job advancement, or other personal reasons such as increased migration results in more money getting transferred between countries that impact how global economies operate.

How To Boost Personal Loan Eligibility?

Personal Loans are unsecured financial products that you can flexibly use to pay for diverse expenses, including weddings, travel, education, home renovation, or medical emergencies. It allows you to use the sanctioned amount for valid reasons to meet your financial obligations. You get instant access to funds without collateral. It is one of the preferred Loan products to deal with instant cash needs.

Eligibility criteria

Tips And Strategies For Selecting The Best Mutual Funds

One of the preferred market investment instruments for many investors is Mutual Fund Investment. Accessible in different shapes, sizes, and types, such funds are managed by professional fund managers who pool money from different investors and invest in the chosen fund. A good fund not only helps you earn higher returns on investment but also serves as an additional income source. 

Every investor hopes to invest in Mutual Fund that is best. But there are some tips and strategies that you must remember for finding the same: 

Avoid rating traps 


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