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madnik Export

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Supplier types:Manufacturer
Supplier Address:71, Ajmeri Gate, Delhi - 110 006, INDIA
Telephone number:+(91)-(11)-2323 7061
Mobile number:(+)
Supplier description:Est. as an Export firm by Mr.Yogesh K.Arora, a dynamic Lawyer by profession turned to entrepreneurship in 1977 and since then MADNIK established a reputation of reliability for delivering quality craftsmanship consistently, besides being a debt-free organization.
 Our talented team comprising of Managers, Back Office staff & Quality Controllers besides a close knit network of award wining craftsmen, recognized by the Govt. of India for their master craftsmanship.
 MADNIK specialized into handcrafted items and making Napkin Rings in the late 70's, and is still known with wholesale importers worldwide for its design collection crossing over 8500 designs and growing each week with new ones using a wide variety of materials, embellishments to suit all markets and price targets. With innovative ideas in designing & crafting, we progressed each year to cater to a wide variety of clientele across USA, Australia, Europe, Latin countries, and parts of Asia & South Africa. Today 100% of our merchandise is "Made for Export".
Why Us ?
 In a world of look-alike machine made merchandise, technology has taken away the charm of a traditional handcrafted items and, it's refreshing to find people who are so passionate about craftsmanship.
 To us, production is more than a science - it's an art that we love to invest in !
 Our creations in Jewelry and Accessory are designed by designers who are excitingly innovative and refreshingly different. All our merchandise is made by using good quality of raw materials and fabrics, and embellished with a wide range of Beads, Sequins, Pearls, Shells, and Semi-Precious stones.
We work in close coordination with our dedicated craftsmen to practically give shape to the design ideas to meet current market and fashion trends. And that's primarily why our clients love to work with us and get their designs customized through us repeatedly specially our handcrafted Zardozi & Bead work.
We are pioneers of Napkin Rings from India, so not only do you get a wide variety to choose from you also get our experience in handling your product requirements maturely.
We have long standing relationship with leading clearing & forwarding agents and that simply makes your shipping cheaper & hassle-free than most of our competitors.
 We have an office-showroom of 2500 sq ft. area equipped with adequate fire safety measures located in the heart of Central Delhi, India to showcase our range to our buyers.
Our location, being an easy access point helps us maintain a close knit network with our craftsmen and enables us to run a faster inter-state supply chain management across various production centres in the region.
It also means shorter travel time for you from your hectic schedule when you visit Delhi. Our team assures prompt & personalized answering of your specific queries by email. Buyers, Please let us know,you get the info from ,you can get a Special Discounts.