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laser engraver

Submitted by lilyla on Tue, 11/29/2022 - 01:16

There are many videos and blogs detailed in how to make money with laser engravers. But this one you are reading should be clear and brief.

Customizing: Specific signs or names can be added to almost any kind of product. Customize any of your product that can be engraved to get a $10 or more. More satisfaction get from customers, more dollars will be earned.

On What: Coasters,cutting boards,business signs,rolling pins,shoe removers,etc. Anything that has a free place can be customized and sold. Glasses and coffee mugs can also be engraved with a CO2 laser,which may avoid those competitors using CNC.

Time: Time is money! It takes much less time for CO2 laser to cut or engrave, either because of easier setup or of faster cutting speed. Meanwhile, fiber lasers specialize in engraving metals that CO2 Lasers are not good at. Laser engravers shortens the distance between idea and reality.